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The Choices we make!

No. This is not another fad diet or food blog.

Today I’m writing about how we make choices and the choices we make.

For example, if I have to go to a particular venue my first thought might be, what will I wear? And this is how I would make my choice. I start to think about how I want to feel in what I choose to wear. I am not the type of person that likes tight fitting clothes so it will have to be something that’s loose and flowing. When I think about color I look in the mirror and find a color that is suitable to my hair color, make up, tone and maybe the style of my hair. Then it comes down to dress? skirt? slacks? So at this point I consider the type of event. From this information I decide what I am looking for.

Then I begin my search, I start looking online at different stores making a decision based on my list. My list makes it easier to go to a store and find exactly what I want. Easy!

But it’s not so easy when we choose our life partner. Which is what I am blogging about today.

So, with all the Romance Novels and Romance Stations not to mention all the happily ever after fairytales we grew up with, we don’t give enough thought to what our forever partner really looks like. We don’t take enough time to think it through, in fact we take more time to select the outfit for our event then we would a life partner. And keep in mind your forever partner doesn’t come with a receipt and it’s non-refundable! So basically you invest time and money into a partnership that’s going to sit in the back of your closet with the rest of your bad choices.

What I’m suggesting here, is that you stop, take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror. Because your perfect partner is right there in front of you. Make a list of what you enjoy, places you like to go, things that make you happy, favorite color, favorite foods. Next, make a list of the things that make you unhappy, things you don’t like, places you don’t like to go, most of all, make a list of expectations, not of another person but of your self. What do you expect of yourself? When you can answer all those questions, when you are clear on who you are, then you will find your forever partner.

But, whatever you do…don’t compromise who you are!

Don’t put the car in drive until you’ve kicked a few tires and checked under the dad used to say.

Partnership does not come down to a signature on the forever certificate, it comes down to waking up in the morning and still being in love with the person laying next to you. It’s about saying “I’m sorry” no matter what. And if you do make a compromise it’s out of love and not out of defeat.

It’s not easy, but when I asked couples who had been married longer than 50 years they all said the same thing; don’t go to bed angry, always say I love you, and compromise.

Make a list. Make sure you know who you are. Make sure you know who they are. And proceed with caution. Lol!

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