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OMG!! I was invited to attend my very first outdoor event this past Saturday. It’s an amazing feeling to be out and about with actual people. I think I even hugged about 5 people!!

A wonderful crowd of outstanding citizens. I know recently we have heard of folks not being so social, that was not the case at this event.

I can’t tell you how worried and even afraid I was to think that I would meet with disinterest or objection to my line of goods. I was afraid that someone might look at me as a “snake oil” seller.

But the folks were outright courteous! So much so that I actually found myself stuttering through my well written, time managed scrip and much to my surprise some folks actually wanted more information.

I was on fire…yes, even I am laughing out loud that I wrote that! It’s all about…socializing, talking face to face… but most of all… it was all about common courtesy and kindness.

So Bless all of you who came out on Saturday and thank you for all your support and generosity.

Grab your Koffee and get Kaffeinated!


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