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It's about Thyme!

Where did the time go? Am I the only one who believes that this year just flew by? Here is a story that a friend shared with me. Evidently, she was complaining (yes, I said it) that she was constantly running out of time. That she would start out early and end up behind schedule by the end of the day. The person she was with told her to wait while she ran into the other room for a special item that would help her. When she returned she handed her a little bottle. The label on the bottle read; "Thyme," with that she cleverly added, "Now you have all the Thyme you need!" She told her to apply Thyme to the palm of her hands every day, in this way, she will always have Thyme on her hands. Keep the Thyme in your pocket or purse, so you will never lose Thyme. Make sure your bottle is always full so you never run out of Thyme. How very clever! After relaying that story to me my friend handed me my own bottle of Thyme. Now, first I must say, if you have never had the opportunity to smell Thyme oil, it is very strong. Because of the strong smell I am constantly reminded of the Thyme! The smell is so strong that I only need a little bit and so I never waste Thyme. Whenever I am with friends I share my Thyme with them. I remind them that Thyme is precious and they should never waste a drop of it. My Kaffeinators, I would like to offer you some Thyme. So for the first 10 people who subscribe to my website I will send you some Thyme to thank-you for spending your Thyme with me! I hope that in the New Year, your Thyme is filled with all that you desire and deserve!

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