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Hold my Koffee, I Got this!

Do you? Do you Really? Do you really "got this?"

I have spent most of my life handling things on my own rather than asking for "HELP"!!

Now, for the most part, I have done well for myself -- No, Not really! Are you with me so far? I would love to say it was my pride that prevented me from asking for help, seeking guidance or just listening to the experienced person in the room. However, I am ashamed to say it was my fear of what "others would think of me,"that kept me from reaching out. Maintaining this negative thought, I managed to lose a lot, including my mind. So grab your Koffee folks and listen up? The "Others" do not exist (well, there was that movie -- pretty scary) this thought was introduced as a child when our parents would say things like, "what would the neighbors think?" or "we don't want the family to know." The sad thing is, most of us have a "great big helpful" family! And, most of our neighbors are in the same predicament as we are. For the most part, they would probably be more than willing to lend a hand if they were able to and if they couldn't then they are probably a good support system. They are the ones that will grab a blanket and cover you when you are found walking the streets naked and blubbering nonsense. They will take you home, make you a Kup of Koffee and call for HELP! Something we can't do for ourselves. Then there's the fear that "family will talk." Seriously? With the way you are probably behaving, they are already talking. Let's get real, every family talks! If you're lucky, you have those two or three relatives that totally have your back. They support you and will beat down anyone who is talking smack about you and it is usually that relative you least expect. Right? It surprises me too, sometimes. I Got This!! That's what she said as she reached down to pick up the lipstick she dropped on the driveway. The driveway being in kind of a slanting hill, began to roll down toward the gutter. She lunges for the lipstick and loses her balance. Soon, not only is the lipstick rolling down the driveway SHE is rolling down as well. It becomes a race to see who will reach the muddy wet gutter first. Ultimately, as she reaches the gutter, scraped, bloody and muddy, a hand reaches out to her to help up. Oddly enough, it was the same hand that offered to pick up the lipstick in the first place. Now she's bloody, muddy and "embarrassed." Perhaps she would have been a little embarrassed to accept the help in the first place, but, with a little help she would not have endured the pain and humiliation that she ultimately experienced. The moral of the story....If someone offers to help you....the answer is always, YES!! Enjoy!

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